Seaweed Farming for a Better Planet

Expanding seaweed mariculture globally to leverage its many benefits for the environment and humankind.

Making an Impact

Southern Ocean Carbon is a purpose driven company with a vision to develop sustainable seaweed mariculture worldwide.

We are economically literate seaweed professionals with a global project development capacity. We provide project consultancy and assurance services to allow our partners to leverage the power of seaweed.

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Why Seaweed?

It soaks up unwanted excess nutrients in the Ocean and improves water conditions

It sequesters CO2 and helps slow climate change & ocean acidification

It provides habitat for a range of marine species

It can grow at rates of more than 30x of those of land-based plants

Seaweed farms can create sustainable jobs in local communities

It can be harvested to produce a range of products including bio-plastics, human and animal food, pharmaceuticals, biochar and more

Seaweed is significant to Indigenous Saltwater Australians and coastal communities worldwide

Make a Positive Impact Through Seaweed

We assist partners with tailored solutions backed by our marine engineering and regulatory expertise, existing relationships to buyers in key markets and commitment to environmental assurance. 

About Us

Southern Ocean Carbon is a purpose driven company developing seaweed mariculture. Our aim is to reduce the impacts of climate change through the expansion of responsible seaweed mariculture and to improve the oceans’ health through the creation of new marine habitat and bio-mitigation around aquaculture farms. To achieve these goals, we are scaling our operations to cultivate site appropriate seaweed on a commercial scale in marine leases worldwide.



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