Seaweed as a Service

How we can assist you and your organisation with turnkey project planning and execution in the seaweed space.

We specialise in the seamless development and delivery of impactful seaweed projects from inception to realisation.

Southern Ocean Carbon provides location dependent project evaluation, project management and hands-on project delivery to allow our partners to leverage the power of seaweed to restore marine environments, sequester carbon, use biomass grown for plastic alternatives and other seaweed-based products and assist aquaculture companies to meet global protein requirements.

Respected and experienced scientists and engineers and a trained workforce able to design, build and manage seaweed projects that achieve their stated aims. 

As we scale our operations, we endeavour to support a global seaweed industry to aid the production of seaweed biomass for a range of sustainable products including bioplastics, biofuels, supplements, pharmaceuticals and other seaweed-based products.

A company with existing relationships with buyers in key markets including bioplastics, human & animal feeds and in the carbon credit marketplace.

A company with access to world class assurance and ESG capacity and the ability to provide environmental testing and monitoring services to support partners goals.