About Southern Ocean Carbon

Expanding seaweed mariculture globally to leverage its many benefits for the environment and humankind.

Our Competitive Advantage

Consultancy capacity and management of projects worldwide, leveraging IP developed during research and through our relationship with ADEC Innovations and ADEC Kedge.

Existing relationships with major aquaculture companies

Links and partnerships with the credible, scientific research capacity worldwide

ADEC’s worldwide network, technology infrastructure and assurance expertise

Experienced marine engineering capacity

Easily accessible growing sites for demonstrations

Our Team

Adam Brancher

Head Blue Economy Solutions
With a strong military, marine and commercial background, Adam sees Southern Ocean Carbon as a massive opportunity to build a business that not only makes a good financial return, but also one that contributes meaningfully to the fight against climate change.
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Prue Brancher

Legal and Governance Manager
Our legal and governance manager, Prue has served in legal and education roles in the public and private sectors. She is a passionate and practical change manager, well able to liaise with a variety of stakeholders to gain the permissions we need to do what we are doing. She has a particular passion for soil health and is leading on our efforts to scale biochar production - one of our key sequestration strategies.

Justin Holt

Public Officer / Aquaculture Advisor
Justin brings over 17 years of strategic operational experience from the managed services sector as a Board Advisor to ADEC Innovations.

Dr. Thomas Remenyi

Senior Advisor, PhD, BSc, B Comm., B Ant. Sci (Hons), Grad Dip Quant. Mar. Sci.
Tom is a highly respected researcher, adding considerable rigour to our in-house science team – his expertise in climate change processes, chemical oceanography and climatology being particularly strong.

Caroline Remenyi

Senior Advisor
Caroline is a passionate educator and a highly qualified, hands-on aquaculture hatchery expert. She has worked in these sectors in Tasmania, NZ and in NSW.

Callum T-Young

Marine Surveyor, Naval Architect, Coxswain
Callum is a Naval Architect and Marine Surveyor. Since the company’s inception, he has been integral to diverse projects, from designing and installing the first trial farms to actively managing the lease and conducting tours and inspections for the community and potential partners. As a local Tasmanian, he grew up by the ocean and is passionate about diving and keeping the ocean alive and sustainable.

Susie Buetow

Marketing Manager, Deckhand
Susie is a creative professional with extensive experience in marketing and communications and regenerative boat tour business operations. Susie’s passion for ocean and nature conservation is the compass that guides her, as she works with Southern Ocean Carbon towards a Blue Economy concept of responsibly harnessing ocean resources to drive economic growth, enhance quality of life and generate employment opportunities, while preserving the health of marine ecosystems.

Tim Harmsen

Environmental Economist
Tim is an economics and business graduate with a joint honours in environmental economics and marine science. His passion for seaweed and Excel shaped his honours thesis on the economics of seaweed-based Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in Tasmania. Eager to help make positive change, Tim is working with Southern Ocean Carbon to advance more sustainable seaweed developments.

Our History

Standing up for future generations


We started Southern Ocean Carbon in 2020 for a couple of reasons: One was a desire to make our sister company ADEC Kedge carbon neutral. On close investigation, the options available at the time didn’t make us confident that we were actually going to make a tangible, positive difference to our planet. Then there were our children. They were asking us what we were going to do to rectify some of the harmful behaviours of past generations, how were we making sure that we were going to leave things better than we had found them? – something we had always encouraged our children to do when they were at school.

Adam had been listening to the radio one day: a segment on seaweed and its many types and properties. Tim Flannery published his book ‘Sunlight and Seaweed’, and that’s how we became aware of the many benefits of seaweed, and we were hooked.

Teaming up with knowledgable partners


Through mutual friends, we became aware of the climate change power couple of Caroline and Tom Remenyi. Not only are they fabulous people, but they have skills and knowledge about things that we didn’t. Caroline is a seaweed growing expert and Tom a climatologist. The brains trust was formed, Caroline and Tom remain advisors to this day.

Backing through world class research


We joined the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (BECRC) in 2021 as one of 44 global partners. In collaboration with project leader Professor Craig Johnson and other experts in the field, we are working towards developing production systems for offshore kelp mariculture.

Learning, growing and evolving


What we thought we would do and what we have found ourselves doing has evolved over time, mostly in response to research. We are exploring options to grow seaweed globally because of the amazing properties it has, but our activities are not limited to this, so long as the “chain” remains clean – we are willing to explore and partner in a number of different projects, if they will restore some of the balance in biodiversity and achieve measurable positive outcomes.

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