Bio-remediation, Carbon & Biodiversity Credits

Advancing Carbon, Biodiversity & Bio-remediation Credit Markets through Seaweed-to-Biochar Technology and Re-establishment of Marine Eco-Systems

Coastal ecosystems are vital for the health of our planet. They not only store carbon but provide essential services such as water purification, coastal protection, and habitat for marine life. Blue Carbon Credit Markets quantify the carbon capture through these ecosystems.  

There is a growing demand for credible and permanent carbon credits and a nascent biodiversity credit market. As the biodiversity credit market matures, there will be potential for marine-based eutrophication reduction credits. We are happy to partner with organisations that are looking for a reliable development partner to realise their potential. 

Our initial focus lies on biochar from residual seaweed. Biochar is produced through the process of slow pyrolysis in which biomass is combusted under oxygen limitation. It can capture carbon in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years and enhances soil fertility by improving water retention, nutrient availability and microbial activity.  

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We specialise in the seamless development and delivery of impactful seaweed projects from inception to realisation.

Southern Ocean Carbon provides location dependent project evaluation, project management and hands-on project delivery to allow our partners to leverage the power of seaweed to restore marine environments, sequester carbon, use biomass grown for plastic alternatives and other seaweed-based products and assist aquaculture companies to meet global protein requirements.