Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Promoting economic and environmental sustainability through co-location of seaweed and finfish & shellfish farms

Southern Ocean Carbon helps aquaculture operators grow their business and strengthen their reputation through a holistic and flexible model for seaweed mariculture. Our suite of services helps our clients integrate seaweed production into their existing operations cost-effectively and sustainably, enabling them to diversify production, grow their business and meet stakeholder expectations. 

Offshore aquaculture production faces growing regulatory and community scrutiny for its perceived environmental impacts, particularly the nitrogen and phosphorus wastes associated with concentrated fish waste. 

Co-located seaweed farming, sited and managed responsibly, has the potential to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loading into coastal waters. Seaweed polyculture can also reduce the impacts and risks of heavy metal pollution on fish stock. 

Southern Ocean Carbon empowers aquaculture operators meet their growth, risk management and reputational objectives by designing, operating, and assuring co-located seaweed operations that improve water quality and remove unwanted fish farm by-products. Southern Ocean Carbon looks after all aspects of seaweed production, letting our partners concentrate on fin fish cultivation.  

The economic benefits to IMTA partners are vast: An increased assimilative capacity of the fish farm environment supports regulatory compliance, provides PR & advertising opportunities to certify sustainable processes, enables increased stocking density, lessens the impact of extreme weather on the farm through wave attenuation, absorbs heavy metals that pose risks to aquaculture stocks, reduces pen cleaning efforts, and stimulates financial growth. 

More Services

We specialise in the seamless development and delivery of impactful seaweed projects from inception to realisation.

Southern Ocean Carbon provides location dependent project evaluation, project management and hands-on project delivery to allow our partners to leverage the power of seaweed to restore marine environments, sequester carbon, use biomass grown for plastic alternatives and other seaweed-based products and assist aquaculture companies to meet global protein requirements.